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The Saichild Investment Commitment comprises of a team of professional financial experts who combine extensive expertise in investment markets, economics, risk analysis, and asset management to deliver guidance and insight for the benefit of our corporations and HNWI investors. With an average of nearly 25 years of working experience in big institutional banks, they collectively bring a wealth of insight to help investors stay abreast of current conditions and future opportunities.

How We Invest

Saichild makes an impact through private equity investments in high-growth, purpose-driven businesses in some of the world’s fastest growing markets. An investment by Saichild is a commitment to true partnership. We actively employ our knowledge and experience, along with our capital, to support the leadership teams and boards of the businesses we back. We help leaders and owners to meet their ambitious growth, profitability and impact targets.


Our Investment Strategy

MARKET OPPORTUNITYStanding at nearly four billion in number globally, emerging consumers represent a large and significantly untapped customer base. Emerging markets’ share of global consumption is forecast to increase from 32% to 47% by 2025, fuelled by rapid growth of average incomes, with a spending power of US$30 trillion by that same year.


SPECIALIST EXPERTISESaichild drives hands-on operational engagement at and beyond the company board level, including designing new products, advising on pricing, building out systems infrastructure and rapidly scaling new digital-based distribution channels. Saichild is able to do this because of the unique operational and management experience of our team.


ESTABLISHED FOOTPRINT Saichild focuses on high-growth markets in Asia markets. These regions are the focus of our strategy because of the scale and growth in these markets, and because they are regions where our team has lived and worked for 15 years on average. Our Investment Team uses its deep local professional and personal networks to bring a distinctive angle in sourcing and assessing investment opportunities.


PROFIT WITH PURPOSE  – With a focus on the emerging consumer and with integrated financial and social goals, Saichild is well-positioned to invest in the rise of a new emerging consumer class. Our portfolio increases access to financial services and healthcare in markets where these sectors are heavily underpenetrated; for example, insurance penetration averages just 3% and access to modern medication less than 30% in emerging markets.

White Fabric




Excellent Financial Stability


Continuous Growth
CAGR as of 2023


Net Fund Returns


INVEST RESPONSIBLYWe believe that a responsible approach to investment will add value to our portfolio. Our Responsible Investment policy is embedded within our investment and portfolio management processes. It informs our investment decisions and our behaviours as a responsible manager of our assets. We are rigorous in assessing and managing sustainability-related risks in our portfolio. Equally, we are keen to invest in opportunities arising from the development of solutions to global sustainability challenges and to contribute to making the world more sustainable. We make a limited number of investments each year, allowing us to be very selective in our approach to new investment.

RECRUIT AND DEVELOP A DIVERSE POOL OF TALENTOur people are our main asset and recruiting, retaining and developing our talent is one of our most important priorities. We promote an open communication culture and provide an inclusive and supportive working environment with opportunities for training and career development. We value diversity and our employees are recruited, promoted and rewarded on the basis of merit, ability and performance. We are an equal opportunities employer and prohibit all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination.


BE A GOOD CORPORATE CITIZENWe strive to embed responsible business practices throughout our organisation. We do this by having robust policies and processes in place and by promoting the right culture among our staff. We expect our employees to act with integrity, to be accountable for their behaviour, and to approach their roles with ambition, rigour and energy. All employees are evaluated annually against our values as part of our formal appraisal process.

COMPLIANCEThe mission of the Compliance Department is to help ensure that the Firm conducts its business and operations with the highest legal and ethical standards in a manner consistent with its obligations and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

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