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We love to hear from driven founders that are creating a positive impact on the world through your technologies and ventures. If you are an early-stage enterprise raising funds, let us know!

We invest in high-quality companies through proprietary transactions originated from our network of deep relationships on the ground. Leveraging our investment and value-adding expertise, we greatly improve the financial and operational performance of the companies we back.

Please complete the form here and, if you match our criteria, we will respond to setup a meeting. Please note that submitting a form is not an agreement to any promise of funding or interest.

What to expect from Saichild

Individual founders will build and launch their companies with our support through a twelve-week residency attachment. Startups with an existing team of founders will be fast-tracked to pitch if ready for fundraising. 

Formation and validation

You will be surrounded with everything you need to build at lightning speed: a community of diverse founders so that you can connect with other great talents as potential co-founders, get coaching from our team of proven founders and advisors, and validate your business ideas.


Pre-seed funding

Get the opportunity to pitch for an investment of US$200,000 for a 25% equity stake. Invested companies are required to pay a program fee of US$20,000, which is not applicable if you get a direct investment or if you do not receive an investment after the residency attachment.



Scaling and fundraising

Join Saichild's portfolio and receive continued support and access to a global capital pathway. When you are ready to raise your follow-on round, Saichild will host a Demo Day where you will showcase your startup to top investors in the region.

Application Process

Submit your application

Apply here to submit your basic details.

Chat with us

If shortlisted, we will have 2 rounds of interviews with you to understand your background, motivations, experiences, and expertise. You will also get to ask us more questions to further assess if our residency would be an ideal fit for you.

Get a confirmation

The full application process takes about 2-3 weeks to complete, after which we will inform you if accepted or rejected.

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