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3 June 2024

Crown Capital Markets Trading Performance (as of 31 May 2024)

Account 1   |   Account 2   |   Account 3

2 May 2024

Crown Capital Markets Trading Performance (as of 30 April 2024)

Account 1   |   Account 2

2 April 2024

Impersonation of Saichild in Hong Kong. We have been alerted to a scam in Hong Kong that involves the impersonation of Saichild.

1 April 2024

Letter from the Chief Investment Officer. 

15 March 2024

Loan backed by Class A multi-family 

13 February 2024

Crown Capital Markets is seeking funding to further expand the current trading portfolios. 

6 February 2024

Following the successful raise of the funds required to complete Phase 1, and to purchase Phase 2 (a), and progress the construction of Phase 2 as a whole, we are delighted to invite HNW & Sophisticated Investors to participate in the final raise of this popular coastal development project. The offer is closing soon as we are almost fully subscribed.

3 January 2024

Saichild has promoted Wonho YOON as Senior Director to head of Asia Pacific private equity.

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