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Saichild manages a diversified portfolio of private equity investments across the Asia-Pacific Region. These includes both direct investments that are held and managed by Saichild team as well as indirect exposures to companies through the fund solutions business. Portfolio companies operate in a wide range of sectors - financial services, technology, real estate & consultancy, food & beverage, and healthcare.

The portfolio companies and assets represent substantially all of Saichild’s portfolio companies and assets. Certain portfolio companies and assets have been excluded as private markets transactions or investments in which Saichild investment vehicles only hold residual interests or due to confidentiality restrictions.


A  company of Saichild Financial Holdings Limited
Entity: CF&E Investments Group
Sector: Investment |

A wholly-owned company of CF&E Group

Entity: CF&E Asia

Sector: Asset Management

A wholly-owned company of CF&E Group
Entity: Crown Capital Markets
Sector: Proprietary Trading

Saichild Financial Holdings Limited is the immediate holding company of CF&E Investments Group.

CF&E Asia and Crown Capital Markets are wholly-owned company of CF&E Investments Group.

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