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Saichild Financial Holdings Limited ("Saichild" and its subsidiaries, the "Group") is a privately-owned holdings firm. We strive to generate attractive returns through opportunistic situations with an operational focus. Our goal is to transform small capitalization, entrepreneurial businesses into institutional platforms positioned for continued growth. Today, Saichild's employees remain the firm's largest investor group. As a firm, we are committed to meeting high standards of corporate governance, with the aim of guiding our company to further success.

Pursuing opportunity without constraints – We are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunities created by market cycles, emerging themes, new technologies, and valuation disruptions because the firm is unconstrained by fundraising mandates, capital deployment timelines and structuring restrictions.


Saichild's motto is "Esse Quam Videri" is a Latin phrase meaning "To be, rather than to seem."


PEOPLE FIRST - We strive to build mutually beneficial relationships on foundations of solid trust and communication with our various stakeholders.

EXCELLENCE - In everything we do, we will maintain the highest standards – our standards. “Plus One” service will be commonplace from the routine and tactical to the strategic and long-term oriented. Every action will be pursued with excellence.

ACCOUNTABILITY - We believe that true accountability comes first from the individual (internal accountability) and then from the organization as represented by our superiors, peers, and direct reports (external accountability). We take ownership of our responsibilities while maintaining open communication, admitting fault and asking for help when needed whereby we create mutual accountability.

CLARITY - We have the awareness and ability to understand and accept the feelings of others and treat them with respect and compassion. This includes our responsibility to communicate candidly and constructively in a timely fashion while maintaining dignity.

ENGAGEMENT - Of our time, talents, and resources, we are generous and committed to improving the wellbeing of our neighbors, locally and globally. We encourage our team to take advantage of our culture that includes family and community focus, flexibility, and fun. We understand and respect the importance of healthy lives, seeking to promote them both internally and externally.

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